NABCO Recruitment Portal Opened To Accept New Applications Nationwide

The Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) on Tuesday, 14th July 2020 has announced the opening of their recruitment portal to start accepting applications from interested graduates nationwide.

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NABCO is a Government initiative introduced by H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to provide post-secondary school graduates(Universities, Training colleges, etc) jobs to solve various social problems in both the private and public sectors and also build their skills to promote economic growth in the country.

The initiative was introduced in the year 2018 and recruited trainees are paid a monthly stipend of GHS700.

It’s currently running on seven (7) modules, that is, Educate Ghana, Enterprise Ghana Digitize Ghana, Feed Ghana, Heal Ghana, Civil Ghana and Revenue Ghana.

So all interested graduates are advised to take advantage of this as early as possible as the portal will last for a duration of just a month.



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  1. I would like to join the whatsapp, I tried joining through the icon but it continues to ask me to download whatsapp whiles am having it installed already. Can you help me? Thats my number, 0575354455.Thanks

  2. Mechanical engineering student at Takoradi Technical university I’m John Botchwey
    Please I have it several times the is full .
    My contact is 0549864745

  3. Thanks to Ghana government but where is the link that will help me to apply…And the WhatsApp group is also full, so how can I join it.

  4. Please the WhatsApp page is full.
    Please add me if there’s any other page on that. Thank you.

  5. Am most grateful for this current update. Am really ready to apply if you open the portal Link. God bless you all

  6. Please I tried to join the group but is full. If possible you should create telegram page which can contain a lot of people. Please help us with the link. Thank you

  7. Where is the portal/link through which we can apply. Or this one too you want to take bribe before we get access to?

  8. I will very happy if you can get me the link for application or explain to me how to apply for this job. Thanks

  9. I am very excited about this information but please how can l apply.
    Kindly add me to the WhatsApp group.

  10. Good morning Sir/Madam,
    Please, I want to join napco training but I can’t get the right access.
    Please, link me to the platform.
    Thank you.

  11. Please I’m still waiting for the response. I can’t please access the NABCO Portal.. How do I get access to it

  12. I would like to join the NABCO whatsapp page yet all efforts to join through the icon provided above has proven futile. it constantly asks me to download whatsapp whilst I have it installed already. Can you help? This is my number, 0267163909. Thanks

  13. Please I try to join the group but I can’t this is my number 0540989153 please add me for the group inside wai

  14. Finding it difficult to apply…
    Can’t see the link…

    I am Acheampong Derrick,
    Contact: 0241217894

    Kindly help me through please…

    I offered: Diploma in Psychology and Foundations of Education…

  15. Please am charity I tried joining the group but it’s full my watsupp line is 0263883948 please add me to the group

  16. Please the WhatsApp group is full
    I want to apply so please how can I apply ?
    My number is 0246650541, please add me to the group

    • Pls those messaging me concerning nabco group pls am not in such groups the link above is a link to a whtsup group where you can learn graphics designing for free but not a nabco group pls

  17. I am augustine and my number is+233558608225 and I am in effiduasi in the Ashanti region and I am interested in applying for nabco

  18. Please i can’t get the access to the portal,and the whatsapp group is full as well but if you have created new one add me 0249442093

  19. Please how do I apply,if possible can you kindly send me a link so I can apply,thank you.
    You can also contact me on 0560376328.

  20. The whatsApp group is already full. Is der any way we can join?
    And the portal can’t be access as well. Any updates will b useful to us
    Tnk u


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